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05/16/20 Added another MST. Wanted to do a story inspired by covid-19 but writers block is in the way.

05/12/20 Updated the house layout. Nothing much else to do. The friend I was reading my stories to has abandoned me, but my future bf said we can do fanfic Fridays and I can read to him. He doesn't like fanfics but hes willing to listen to mine.

05/11/20 Added a layout for Liz and QJs house in the Misc section. Took a while to find a good program to use, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. It looks perfect. So now you will know what their house looks like. Currently suffering from writers block so don't expect any fanfics any time soon. Not that anyone reads this site anymore. 

05/07/20 Added a new fanfic then removed it. QJ relented and gave Liz a free pass to sleep with Negaduck, but I don't really want her to cheat on him. Maybe I will link it another time. Added a new MST and a big thanks to my future boyfriend for sending it to me.  

05/06020 Added a new story to the Fanfics section. Its another boring one, but my ideas are all drying up.  Added a link to "Cyclone" in the Lap Dance fanfic, it will open in a new tab. Been looking for funny spam emails for the gang to snark, but I never get funny spam and the site I was getting my spam from is gone now. Added a confession to the Misc section.

05/04/20 Added ages to the Fanfics section. 

05/03/20 Added another random MST. I'm gonna try to keep the site updated, even if theres no one around to read it anymore.  

05/02/20 Added a really boring fanfic cause I wanted to write something and nothing was coming to me. 

05/01/20 Added two new stories, two new MSTS, and some karaoke with Liz, Amy, and Megavolt. I finally wrote the wedding but its not as good as I wanted it to be cause I kinda rushed it. But at least its finally written. I'm still not super into this fandom anymore, but wanted to get the wedding out of the way. I may stick to doing random MSTS. Added an article by Liz in the Misc writing section. 

04/30/20 I've decided to open the site back up, and may update it with a new story and some new MSTS. I noticed the forum is dead so theres no one left to read my work. Updated some typos in the Anabelle story and added pictures of Amy and Liz. I have a wedding to write eventually and weddings are hard. 

This site will not be updated again for an undetermined amount of time. Thanks to all the kind words I received for my work, but my interest in this fandom comes and goes, and right now its going. I will still be lurking around the forums from time to time.


Hi there. Welcome to Evil Incarnate. This is a site made specifically for housing my random Darkwing Duck fanfics, as I do not trust

My name varies depending on what part of the net you frequent. Some may know me as Jade, others as Jadie, and some even know me as JD. I have been a Darkwing Duck fan for almost 30 years now and I've been writing fanfics for almost as long.

I don't pretend to write good fanfics, though some people will disagree. I just wanted a place to stick them so I wouldn't have to keep spamming people with them. That said, if you happen to read my stuff, I really REALLY hope you like it. :3

- Jade